Thursday, January 27, 2011

Shots and tears and tears and shots....

I was really hoping that I would be getting in bed early tonight so I would be ready for an early surgery tomorrow morning to retrieve these eggs, but that is not happening.  Those little suckers decided to slow down a little so the surgery got moved from tomorrow to Saturday.  One day doesn't seem like that big of deal, but right now changes to my schedule really throw me for a loop.  I have had a rough time the past few days.  This process has taken its toll.  I have to give to myself three shots a day, which I have gotten really good at, I have to say, but all of the hormones have made me an emotional wreck.  I cannot imagine how people with fertility problems go though this over and over again.  I usually think I am pretty strong but this has kicked my butt.
But thankfully on Saturday this process will be over and I can move on to the next stop on the cancer journey - chemotherapy!  Tuesday I will have another surgery to get the port inserted.  The port is a small medical appliance that is inserted in the upper chest, just below the collar bone.  The port is what they will administer the chemo through.  Should be a relatively easy surgery and then Friday will be the first round of chemo.  My friend Shashon is coming in town to be with me for this first round, it will be great to have her here.
I will update more after Saturday's surgery.

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