Thursday, April 28, 2011

Round Five in the books!

So yesterday I went to the chemo salon for my second to last chemo treatment - really getting close to the end - The light at the end of this chemo tunnel is coming into view and I like it!
Yesterday my dear friend Robin Schoepf was sweet enough to come visit me with delicious treats from Sweet Dreams Bakery in New Braunfels.  WOW this stuff was amazing - she brought cupcakes, kolaches and monkey bread.  If you don't know about them go check them out if you are in the NB area you will thank me. OH MY it was just what we needed to keep us charged through the entire 8 hours we were there.  They were running behind so it took longer than normal we got there at 9:15 and did not leave until almost 5.  It was so sweet of her to take her whole day to sit with me, definitely made the time pass by faster.  I also had a visit from Pam McElroy she stopped by with do my friends know me or what!
Two other visitors came by while I was propped upon my chemo throne.  One girl from The American Cancer Society who was giving out $50 gas cards to help cancer patients get back and forth to treatment during the high gas price times.  How cool is that?  And as if that wasn't enough behind her came a massage therapist who was donating her time to give hand and feet massages. - "well yes please" was my response.  So the name chemo salon really is fitting.  
Next week May 5th I am meeting with the surgeon so I will have more to update regarding the surgery, which should still be around the second week of June.
On the home front, I will be moving the second weekend of May.  What fabulous timing, huh?!  I found a really cute little duplex just five minutes down the road and I am really looking forward to downsizing.  I am selling everything out of that four bedroom house and starting all over.  I have been in that house for 8 years - I cannot believe it, so I am ready for a change.  This wasn't really the timing I would have chosen, but God has a better plan apparantly, so here I go! 
I am going to move the stuff I want to keep out first, and then have a major estate (haha my "estate") sale for eveything that is left the weekend of May 20-21.  I will be fresh off my last round of chemo, which is scheduled for May 19th but I have a great group of salesgirls who think they can handle it if I can't.   
So thats about all I got right now, should be blogging a little bit more in the coming weeks to keep you in the loop. Thanks again for each and everyone of you and your support, I couldn't do this without you - for real!

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  1. ohh, I like the new look :) So great running in to you last night. You look fab :) That light at the end of this tunnel just keeps getting brighter for you and that makes me grin! Love ya', Nat!