Thursday, May 19, 2011

Final Chemo Day

Just wanted to update the blog on this my LAST DAY OF CHEMO!!!! I couldn't wait for this day but I have some anxiety because the effects of round five were so hard I am really concerned with how bad this round will be. Also a little concerned because I have my "Estate Sale" tomorrow and Saturday so I am really just hoping I will feel good at least through Saturday night so I can make it through.
Once again I have to send out major thanks to my friends Annette, Robin D, and Rebecca who came and helped me turn my old house into a thrift store. We are going to have the best estate sale ever because these girls helped me price every item and create eye-catching displays. It's amazing what can happen with you put a bunch of professional shoppers in motion.
So if your in the Austin area come check out the sale 3325 Silk Oak Dr, Friday (9a-1p) and Saturday (8a-2p) Rain or shine because the sale is all inside :)

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