Thursday, December 16, 2010

"I have cancer" are the hardest words to say.

This will be the start of my blogging about the new adventure that has been chosen for me.  On Dec 7th, I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  The tests have proved that is in my right breast and in one lymph node.  We are only at the beginning, but I hope that this blog will help keep everyone updated on my progress and also serve an journal that I can look back at one day and say...."Look How I Kicked Cancer's Ass"!
For those of you who I have had a chance to tell, you know that I have the most positive attitude about this journey.  I am looking forward to getting skinny in time for bathing suit season, wearing different color wigs depending on my mood (I have always wanted to be a redhead), and the possibility of getting some new perky boobs :)  God doesn't give you anything you can't handle and I know that this was given to me for a reason.  I am bound and determined to figure out what I am supposed to with this and why I was chosen.  I will make the best of this and hope to help other people during the process. 
The hardest thing so far is telling people "I Have Cancer" the look on most every one's face is so sad and they look at you like your going to die.  The C word is such a hard one for everyone to hear, but things are so different these days.  They are curing cancer right and left.  It is no longer a death sentence.  I heard a story the other day about a doctor who works at MD Anderson.  He is like 75 years old and people keep asking him when he is going to retire.  He said that this is such an exciting time and they are curing cancer so often he can't leave now.  This is what he has been working his entire career for.  So next time someone tells you they have cancer please respond to them with something positive like...."you can beat this" with a smile on your face.  Take my word for this you will make their day.
At this point I do know that we will be starting chemo right after Christmas, I will be able to go home to Florida for Christmas yay!.  The doctor wants to treat this aggressively and in her words "we will cure this and it will NOT come back".  That is pretty much all I needed to hear.  I am ready to start this fight! I have a CAT Scan and a PET Test scheduled for Friday afternoon.  These will tell her how far the cancer has spread.  Since we know it is one lymph node it could very well be in more.  I will have the results of these tests on Monday and then I will know more about the course of action and when we will start the chemo.
So please keep checking back if you want to keep up with this journey, I will try and update a few times each week.  I am in for a fight but I am primed and ready to take this head on.  I am way too young, healthy, stubborn and not to mention mean, to let this take me out. 


  1. You are strong and vibrant, and you have a fantastic attitude. God is good. Let Him do His work. You are in my prayers.

    With love and admiration,
    Donna Middleton

  2. I am so glad to see your positive attitude! You have always been such a strong and determined friend, and already an inspiration, just for being YOU! Love you to the moon and back and can't wait to high five you when the victories come your way, like I KNOW they will! As you ramp up for the next phase, I'm praying for you, your treatments, your doctors, and your PEACE! Love you, girlie! I know you know. xoxo, C.

  3. Natalie - praying for you daily! I will do all I can to encourage you in this fight!

    I recently signed up to walk in the 2-Day Avon Walk for Breast Cancer in April in honor of another friend of mine that was recently diagnosed. You are now officially her co-honoree! IN IT TO END IT!

  4. Nat,
    Attitude has as much to do with beating this as the medicine, so you're off to a great start. Keep your head up and know that you've got people thinking and praying for you. Best of luck, F cancer.


  5. You can do this Natalie! I would, and know many others who would, LOVE to be a part of your team that beats this. Call on us WHENEVER and WHEREVER you need us!

    And after it's defeated, we need to have mimosas!

    Prayers and high fives,


  6. Oh, Nat...You always have been an inspiration to me. You've always had your s*** together and I'm proud that the C-word has not changed that. The 36D Red Dirt Rockettes will have your back, sister. We are walking again for the Susan G. Koman foundation...We are walking for YOU! And anything you need in the meantime, holla. This is me...looking you in the eye and saying "WE can beat this."

    Peace, love and prayers -

  7. Ooh,'ve always had such a positive vibe and that will certainly get you through this! The future you see is the future you get, so take it by the horns and kick ass!

    I will be on the sidelines cheering you on! If you need anything at all, please let me know.

    I love you, and miss you...

  8. Natalie, I have known you for so many years and I'm sure you're the same feisty kick-ass girl you were back in school. You can and you WILL kick this my beautiful friend! I am so thrilled that you are letting your friends share in this journey and I am so blessed that I can follow your fight and be able to see you celebrate victory! You are indeed a blessed woman! Much love and support coming your way from Mississippi!!!!!
    Love my dear 'old' friend!

  9. Natalie

    I can relate to "the look." I remember when my dad was diagnosed with the big C we really thought that was all she wrote. 7 years later he is in remission and living a good life even though his cancer is not "curable."

    I know how Oncologists think. If she was not SURE you could beat this she would have never said it. They are Realists and you are a Fighter so I'm sure she is 100% right.

    I think you will be a cute redhead. And perky boobs at nearly 40 are a plus (although that is a crappy way to get them :) Love you girl. Praying for you.


  10. Natalie,

    My step sister Angie beat breast cancer. She was diagnosed April 1, 2008. Not even close to a joke and very far from funny. She had a very large tumor and a few of her lymph nodes were affected. However, she went through chemo and radiation and she kicked cancer's ass as well! She has been cancer free for almost 2 years now after the surgery to remove the tumor and all the treatments were done.

    She's a fighter and I know you are too! I can't say the fight will be easy, I can't say it's always going to be good times, but you have all sorts of support. I am praying for you and it looks like you have all sorts of others on your side too! Stay positive! You WILL beat this!


  11. HI Natalie - I love that you are doing this blog. I'm sure it will be good therapy for you and it will be good to let all who love you travel in some way with you through this. I'm sure there will be up days and down days but I am also sure that in the end you will win - not the cancer. I love your spirit and know this more than anything will serve to beat this. I know lots of people too who have beaten this so be encouraged. God has a plan for you girl!!

    "Cancer Smancer" - Fran Drescher

    Love you dear!!!